Sunday, May 17, 2009

The longest sock I've ever knit

All 5kms of it! Well I suppose, strictly speaking, the sock isn't 5km but that's how far I walked with my Gourock SnB friends whilst knitting at today's Race For Life.

I had to learn Magic Loop (thanks Kimberly for the last minute lesson) so that I could walk without the fear of dropping my DPNs. Turns out I really like Magic Loop and it's so fast too, well it has been so far on this vanilla sock at least. I'm using Meilenweit Mega Boots which is knitting up really nicely. I haven't done a plain sock since I first learnt to knit socks and strangely I am really loving this sock.

The day was great fun including the warm up aerobics complete with knitting, thanks to the nice man who held on to me as I almost fell (I didn't want to let go of the knitting you see).

This is where Kimberley dropped a stitch whilst negotiating a particularly tricky aerobics step!

We were really lucky with the weather which was bright and dry without being too hot, though the ground around Eglinton Country Park was still pretty muddy in parts. There were only a few casualties (dropped stitches) and we finished the course still knitting. (Kimberly, Rhona and I brought up the rear, Marion had Pete the dog and he wasn't hanging around for us and Mhairi had been told she had to win the race by her youngest son so she had to make it over the line before us!)

I managed to raise £185 against my target of £100 so I am very grateful to everyone who sponsored me. Perhaps by next year we'll be able to run whilst knitting! I wonder how much you would all sponsor us for that?From left: Rhona, me, Kimberly, Marion, Mhairi

On to more sedentary knitting. I completed a pinwheel pram blanket for Paul's cousin's baby when it comes. I'm pleased with the way it turned out and will definitely do it again. It's knitted with Adriafil Ice Cream which is 80% wool but so soft and snuggly.

I finally blocked Paul's Flaming Filey and finished it, he likes it so that's a good sign. Maybe he will even wear it.

My whirlpool socks are destined to be frogged the swirl pattern is pulling too tight and I don't like the way the beads sit. You can see what I mean! The yarn is far too lovely (Cherry Tree Hill) to be used on socks that I won't wear.

The sock started on RFL is now finished and I have started on its partner.

I have also finished knitting a square for Sandy's Stitches on The Bridge panel, but had to frog it twice to get the proportions right. It should only have taken an hour but actually took three! (Sorry no photo before I passed it on to Mhairi for her square).

Finally I have made a little more progress on my Unicorn scarf but I think I already mentioned the yarn just seems to go on forever so this could turn into a scarf Dr Who could be proud of.


  1. this was a fun read and i do so love pictures! hey, where was this weather when dh took me home with him??? i am definitely not coordinated enough for this!!! good girl!!

  2. The pics are great, i really did have a good time at he RFL we should definitely do it again next year. I really love the ruffled edge round our pinwheel blanket it looks so lovely. You will need to get a pic up of Paul wearing his Filey!


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