Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When you're tired...........

you just have to sleep. After a busy day with friends, what's a girl to do?

Monday, June 15, 2009


We all had a fantastic day at Carrie's on Saturday for WWKIP day. Carrie is a wonderful hostess, a fabulous cook and great company. (And Abby is just gorgeous, more of Abby in a mo!)

It started out a little grey and so we sat indoors

knitting and enjoying a beautiful lunch of grilled (barbecued to us Brits) chicken, home made Quiche, fried sweet potato and butternut squash (my favourite) and a pasta salad with roasted veg. Mmmmm.

The weather brightened and became very sunny and warm so we decamped to the more "public" back garden and variously knit or spun whilst we tucked into dessert and homemade lemonade or tea. Look at the height of that cake, another masterpiece from Carrie. But just who was it that got the first largest slice?
You know who you are!!

And this (still huge) slice was mine alongside the white chocolate mini cheesecakes made by Kimberly. I followed this with a slice of Moira's mums Early Grey tea loaf (gorgeous!) So no diet on Saturday.

Necessity being the mother of invention,

Carrie improvised a great table for the garden, can you tell what it is yet?

Who's that looking uber cool and stylish in her new sun hat? Long time no see Sandy, so nice to catch up again, hope that leg clears up really soon.

Gotcha Moira, I know you hate being photographed but I finally caught you!

Mhairi and Kirsty, sisters, enjoying the sun!

Innes, getting to grips with her new camera before getting out her wheel and spindles for an impromptu lesson.
The gorgeous Abby joined us outside and was very taken with Kimberly, particularly her necklace and her......nose!

(photo is a bit blurry as I was laughing so much)

I had a thoroughly great day and spun quite a lot of my cherry alpaca

that has been sitting waiting for me to get back my spinning mojo.

Thanks Carrie!

On the "Once A Sheep" front, they say no news is good news but I still have no news on the lease (aaargh!) but I do have a viewing on a second property so there is still another possibility. I'll keep you informed!

My Iknit weekender tickets (Sept 11-12)

arrived along with my pass to two workshops "Socks Upside Down" and "Adult crochet" (that's crochet for adults by the way not the more lurid other possibility!) Really looking forward to this as I can't make Woolfest this year.

Meanwhile we have been busy in the garden and now have a (rather large) new deck,

patio and paved and gravelled area. It's not quite finished as you can see

so I am hoping for more good weather so I can get out and do the finishing touches. We also spent all of Sunday building Paul's new workshop. It turned into a bit of a marathon session and we were both suffering with sore backs by the end. But it is all finished and just needs filling with all of Paul's "best tools".

Mum and dad arrived back from their Balkan cruise on Saturday with gifts of some absolutely fabulous fibre from Estonia (weird how the fibre smells different to British sheep?) and some gorgeous sock yarn from Finland.

Looking forward to working with both of them, though not at the same time as enjoying the litre of Absolut vodka from Sweden!
Thanks mum they are lovely xx

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sleep deprivazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I am tired.

So tired!

I'm not sleeping well, lying awake 'till 2.am. then waking again at 5 a.m.

It's making me forgetful and disorganised, which is pretty worrying as I only have half a brain anyway with the rest given over to mashed potato.

Why am I tired?

I have a major project on the go, really major, life changingly major! I have finally decided to commit to opening a LYS. (Local Yarn Store to the uninitiated.) This means I have a gazillion things to organise and money to find from, well, nowhere really. A store wasn't in the budget until a few weeks ago. There is one minor, teeny weeny fly in the ointment, I don't have my premises yet! I am waiting to hear whether I have been successful in obtaining the lease on my preferred premises. I really, really hope so. I have my heart set on it.

The best part has been searching out suppliers and choosing who would be a good fit for the feel of the place that I would like. Can't wait to start placing orders so I can touch and feel all that lovely yarn and fibre.

Who could want more than to spend each day, every day in pursuit of their hobby?

With all this tiredness though comes a downside, less knitting. I pick up my needles and I'm off to slip in a jiffy. (Maybe I need to pick up the needles at 2 a.m.!) I have finished my first sock from Cookie A.'s new book Sock Innovations. Here is Kai Mei. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino.

Not awfully well photographed as it was a "self portrait" late at night. I'll do a better shot once they are both complete. If you like socks, do look at this book it's fabulous, I like every single pattern even if a couple of the charts give me the heebie jeebies! (Do check the errata online though, as with all new books the proof reading is rather lacking - can you tell I'm a proof reader too?)