Monday, January 04, 2010

A new decade, a new adventure

Yet again it has been a long time since my last post, and whilst a lot has happened I won't bore you with all the details but here's my summary of what's been going on.

A bit of knitting has gone on including these finished projects

Skinny scarf
Veyla gloves
Ishbel beret
Viking sweater (sorry no photo as I had to wrap and send it in time for Christmas!)

plus I still have some ufo's on the go

Cauchy Socks
Milkweed Shawl
Cinnamon Latte Shawl
Sack Boy
Pretty Thing

You may be wondering why I have been less productive than usual? Well the much awaited decision on the shop lease finally came through and after collecting the keys on 16th October, Once A Sheep finally came into being on 21st November.

Getting the shop decorated and fitted out was a lot of hard work completed with the help of some lovely people. The long-suffering Paul who gave himself sore knees, back and hands doing all the "heavy work", my mum who worked tirelessly painting and decorating (you really should have seen what we had to cover up, a bit like an explosion in a paint factory), also my children who helped out with fetching and carrying, my dad (recovering from an operation) was marvellous disposing of all the debris at the tip and making teas and coffee on demand.

I want to give an extra special Thank You to the Gourock Stitch n Bitch who gave freely of their time and enthusiasm helping to get the job completed in an amazing 4 weeks.

After a fabulous opening supported by my great friends in Gourock Stitch n Bitch plus a host of "new" customers I felt really encouraged that there really was a need for a new Yarn Store in the area.

On the 28th November I hosted a Trunk Show starring Ysolda Teague and her fabulous designs and patterns. I had a wonderful day, and it was so busy that it wasn't until late in the day that I could finally have a good look at the finished designs Ysolda and Saz brought over to Once A Sheep.

It was great fun seeing everyone trying on the designs, always flattering and always in beautiful yarns.

This one is for John's Mum!!

Thanks Ysolda and Saz, looking forward to seeing your next project (there will be a next project I'm sure!) and maybe seeing you both back in Gourock.

Stitch n Bitch now takes place in the shop every Wednesday morning from 09:30 and every Thursday evening from 20:00. The sessions are really busy now which is fantastic and I have met some really lovely people who have joined the groups lately.

I will fill my next post with details of all the loveliness I have in stock and I hope to be featuring a new design for the blog which should be more recognisably Once A Sheep.


  1. You are back ! Blogwise that is! Now you will need to change your profile to read LYS owner!

  2. thanks karen....bein new girl in town Once a sheep really felt so good wit wonderful learning as well...cheers to magic hands:)

  3. Just noticed this photograph of John and Isolda. His patients will think he is a "closet knitter". Thank you for posting it.


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