Sunday, February 14, 2010

Citius, Altius, Fortius

I'm sure you will have seen this title on many a knitting blog of late, but for the non-knitters I should explain.

Citius, Altius, Fortius represents Olympic endeavour, Faster, Higher, Stronger and as the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver began, thousands of knitters cast on worlwide to take part in the Knitting Olympics.

Conceived by The Yarn Harlot the Knitting Olympics calls upon knitters to embrace the motto above and challenge themselves to cast on during the opening ceremony and cast off during the closing ceremony. The project must be a personal challenge and the reward for success, well a Gold Medal of course!

So in the Olympic spirit I am challenging myself to stranded colourwork, something I have only done once before. After an exhaustive search (well ok after two minutes looking on Ravelry) I chose the Cross Country Chullo (Ravelry Link) which is suitably themed to the Olympics.
By Anne Featonby, a Canadian, how apt!

My version, however, is knit in Easyknits Alpaca/silk in shocking pink and teal.

I will post progress pics once there is sufficient to photograph! Wish me success!

As an aside I have a couple of completed projects to report, Andrew's Sack Boy which he totally loves and came out rather well despite my total aversion to knitting toys.


Then there was Rhubarb, a beautiful simple little pattern from Rowan's Purelife Recycled Collection, knit in Rowan Revive, colourway Marble.


And finally Cauchy for Paul by Cookie A from Sock Innovations.


Sadly the photograph doesn't show the pattern at all, they are knit in Malabrigo, mmm!

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