Thursday, March 15, 2012

March News

What's in the window in March?

This month the window features my Debbie Bliss Curved Edge Coat in Donegal Tweed Chunky which I absolutely love.
The yarn is fabulous, dense and cosy. I enjoyed knitting this pattern and whilst this project is large it works up quickly and the pattern is interesting enough to keep you motivated.

We still have a selection of hats, scarves and shawls inthe window because, in case you hadn't noticed, it's still chilly out there!

I have also put one of my spinning wheels and weaving frame in the window this month as the focus is on trying something different and having lots of fun with fibre. If you have never tried spinning before but wondered how the fibre gets from sheep to ball, why not have a go at our Beginner's Spinning workshop?


I have also treated myself to a new Ashford 8 shaft loom which I finally got warped up after 3 attempts and am now enjoying playing with colour and texture.



Some spaces are still available on the following workshops.

Beginners Spinning 31st March 2012

Suitable for beginners who want to learn the techniques required to spin their own yarn, no experience at all required
By the end of the session you will understand the mechanics of wheel spinning, be able to card and draft fibre, spin, ply and skein your own yarn
Wheels and all materials are provided

Creative Crochet 30th June 2012

We will learn how to create amazing effects using different stitches to get texture in the surface of a crocheted fabric
We will work with colour and different textures of yarns together to produce visually pleasing effects and to add to the texture and look at how to use these different elements in designing crocheted items
Some crochet experience is required

Improve Your Spinning 21st July 2012

A course for anyone who can spin, even if not very well, but also suitable for those who are competent at basic techniques and want to improve their repertoire
We will look at how to spin different thicknesses of yarn, how to produce different types of yarns and how to use different fibres to best effect
We will have some fun with plying techniques and learn to make 3 ply yarns and use plying to get different effects

All workshops run from 10:30 to 3:30 and cost £45.00
Coffee, tea and biscuits are provided, lunch can be obtained from one of the many coffee shops, bakeries, bars or restaurants close by.
To reserve a place on any workshop please email or call Karen on 01475 648089
A deposit of £10 will secure your place.

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