Thursday, October 16, 2008

If you don't make mistakes you don't make anything (1896)

How very true, in my case at least.

Three times in the past week I have made grave mistakes. (Well I say grave, nobody died so all is not lost).

1 Trekker

I decided to knit this hat for Paul as he looks pretty awful in most hats and I thought this design would be more flattering. I suppose it might have been had I not (in a moment of stupidity) substituted 2 strands of aran for chunky (yes, yes I know now it should have been 2 strands of DK)
It came out so large my youngest daughter can use it as a tent. See here on my oldest daughter, looks like something out of Star Wars or The Hobbit.

2 Handpaint Highlight Socks

Knit with beautiful Shelridge Farm in Strawberries and Cream I thought the slipstitch design would complement the colour perfectly. And so it would have done if I had slipped the stitch the right way on both socks. First sock slipped knitwise, second sock slipped purlwise. I know no-one else will notice, but I still know they're odd don't I? Oh and they should have both been purlwise! Plus they were knit from two different skeins and the depth of colour is different but that I don't mind as its not my stupidity at work.

Here they are, can you see the difference?

3 Circle socks

I loved this pattern when I first set eyes on it on Mhairi's needles. I coveted it, I lusted after it, I gave in and cast on with my Knitwitches Lilac yarn.
For some reason the circles on my sock came out square. Now the pattern is really simple, I mean REALLY simple. Surely it couldn't be me making a mistake. I wrote to the patterns author asking for advice so confident was I that it wasn't me. Of course as soon as I pressed send I realised that (perhaps unsurprisingly) it was indeed my mistake and stupidity had once again won the day.
Here's the squared circle

Fortunately this was as far as I got so frogging was not a major trauma. I have finished the first and am half way down the leg of the second sock. So far my circles are now looking, well, circular, hurrah! I won't celebrate too loudly though, based on my recent history stupidity is sure to raise its ugly head again very soon.

I take comfort from the proverb above though as I have made plenty of mistakes!

(Congratulations to Andrew, (my 17 year old son) who today passed his driving theory test. Watch out Gourock he'll soon be driving on your roads!)


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  2. Your socks are square and mine are just too darn big! okay they are not that big, but the've got me a bit worried.. Well Done Andrew, thats great news!


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