Monday, October 27, 2008

Good men are scarce (1609)

Which is why I am so lucky to have one! It was my birthday on Sunday and my lovely husband had secretly arranged for us to to go to a show on Saturday night which in itself was a great and unexpected gift.

I was also brought a delicious breakfast in bed on Sunday and showered with wonderful gifts, almost all of which were of a fibery/knittery nature.

  • Double treadle for my Ashford Traditional
  • Jumbo flyer and 4 bobbins
  • 200gm Raspberry Alpaca tops
  • 100gm Cashmere/silk tops
  • Fitted Knits
  • 2 lovely brooches, one of which is on a very knitty theme
  • Needle holders
  • Hair curler/straightener/crimper/spirally/twirly thingy
  • Not Tonight Darling I'm Knitting
  • The Natural Knitter
How lucky am I?

After my wheel was rebuilt with all its new parts I set to spinning some New Lanark batts. I am amazed the difference the double treadle makes, I am finding it so much easier to keep my twist consistent. A little more practice though, I think before I attempt the Alpaca or Cashmere/silk.

I find myself always torn between spinning and knitting it seems I don't have enough free hours in the day to do both. Given the time of year, however, I thought it prudent to begin some Christmas Gift Knitting.

  • Garter stitch loop through scarf in Chameleon Colorworks Evolution Sportweight, Polar.

  • Sirdar baby cardigan in Sirdar Pure Cotton DK, Bubblegum.
I have completed 2 projects in the past week.
  • The Circle socks

  • Tea Cosy from One Skein Wonders in New Lanark Aran, Cherry.

I have also finished, bar the felting, the Companion Bowl from One Skein Wonders.

I want to say thank you to all my lovely family who gave me such a lovely birthday, but you know you are just feeding my habit!

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