Monday, November 10, 2008

If you don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen (1952)

If only I could have done so this weekend. I seemed to spend the whole time there. Firstly remodelling the kitchen units to accommodate the biggest ice maker on earth (see previous post!) and secondly using up the last of the greenhouse tomatoes to make a big batch of chutney, then baking a no-fat tea loaf (mmm) finally making up several jars of Cranberry sauce ready for Christmas.

You would think there has been no time for knitting, not so! I seem to have managed to slot in a couple of wee projects whilst waiting for things to be hammered, sawn, stewed, baked and boiled.

The Polar scarf is complete. I love how soft this is but the yarn is quite splitty and slubby so the finished texture isn't as smooth as I would have hoped. I think I'll give it a gentle wash to see if it evens out a little.

The Frankenstein hat is also complete. Despite my reservations, I think it's turned out ok. I'm not sure Rhona will wear it, it may not be quite what she expected, but I like it and Maisy will definitely wear it!

Talking of Maisy, as usual she wants what everyone else has so I also completed a Me-Too scarf for her. Essentially it is the Garter Stitch Loop-Through Scarf from Designer One Skein Wonders, but modified to fit a 4 year old. Thank you to Mhairi/Kirsty for the yarn, unbelievably I had no pink yarn in stash and I am on a strict yarn diet.

And using yarn from stash, I have knit the Blanket Buddy from Designer One Skein Wonders in Rowan Denim Cotton, held double. A friend from Maisy's dancing class has just had a baby boy, Jonathon, on Halloween and I hope this will be the perfect little gift for him. Photo to follow once he's stuffed (the blanket buddy that is, not the baby!)

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  1. Oh, the scarves/hat look so lovely - they have turned out well, especially the surprise hat, its fabulous!


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