Saturday, March 07, 2009

It is not Spring until you can plant your foot on twelve daisies. (1863)

It is officially Spring in my garden! But how much better it looks now even when it returns to wet and windy weather.

Spring usually calls for a bit of a clear out and the start of new things, well that's my excuse for not finishing a few projects and starting on a new one!

Having been enabled to buy some fabulous Jamie Possum 4 ply at the Creative Stitches show in Glasgow recently, I just had to cast on. I started a pattern of my own making based on the Fibonacci principle but having got as far as the toe I fell spectacularly and unexpectedly out of love with them. I had no option but to frog as the yarn is far too lovely to be spent on unworn socks. As an alternative I found a free pattern on Ravelry called Midnight Waves,

I have almost completed the first sock with a few modifications of course. I am much happier with them now and am still feeling no inclination to get back to Filey. (Paul's vest top from Rowan 45).There is something about big garments that makes them much easier to cast aside when new yarn is calling.

The Gourock Stitch n Bitch volunteered as in previous years to help out at the Learn to Knit stand at the show in Glasgow. I went along on the Sunday but due to a change in the running of the stand I had only a very little time to peruse the stalls myself. I still managed to acquire the aforementioned Jamie Possum and two very large hanks of New Lanark DK. It was great to meet so many people wanting to learn to knit and I had so much fun chatting as I taught. It was a shame the stand wasn't quite as convivial as usual but who knows next year may be different again.

Mhairi, Kimberly and myself have now booked our tickets for the IKnit weekender in September. This year the event is on both Friday and Saturday and we're looking forward to a long weekend of knitting and fibrey goodness.

With the recent warm and sunny weather we have been grabbing every opportunity to get out into the garden and get ahead of the game. Potatoes are planted,

greenhouse repaired after the windy weather smashed a few panels, water butt reinstated, seeds planted, shrubs all pruned, weeding done and deck pressure washed.

All with the able assistance of Maisy of course! Most of the soil seemed to end up in the house on her clothes and ultimately in my washing machine. Still you've got to get them interested young.

Talking of environmental things (nice link eh?) I am having a wee bash at the weekend to coincide with Earth Hour. We'll be drinking and eating in the dark when all the power goes off at 8.30 p.m. I'm hoping to see darkness descend over Gourock as everyone does their bit to save the planet. I'm also hoping for not too much spilled food and drink before the lights go back on!

You'll also notice that I am doing the Race for Life on May 17th along with Mhairi, Kimberly, Marion and Rhona. If you haven't got charity fatigue by then, please do sponsor me I've made it really easy just click the link. Thanks!

Sunday was Mother's Day and was such a lovely day for me. I was woken by Andrew with a lovely cup of tea and then showered with cards and gifts. I got beautiful chocolates Lindt and Green and Blacks, both my favourites, but they will have to wait until after my holidays as I'm crash dieting this week! Andrew also bought me a fabulous sheep called Nellie,

created by Toni Goffe. The story goes that he and his wife were out walking when she observed that the poor sheep in the nearby field looked cold without their fleeces. Toni immediately set to sketching designs for handknit wearing sheep. He then produced a series of sculpted sheep called Ewe and Me,with individually designed knitwear. Nellie is gorgeous her expression is so funny as she sports her matching fairisle jumper and bobble hat! I think she may be a blue faced leicester!

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  1. Nellie looks great , and that sock is delicious!

    Looking forward to September already - saving the pennies!



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