Monday, February 23, 2009

As the day lengthens so the cold strengthens (1631)

First things first, I have still only completed one of Paul's Valentine's socks!
But really it's not my fault, honestly it's not. I had left Rowan 45 on my office desk, as you do, and Paul had picked it up and found Filey (see the picture on the left, and yes he is rather handsome, the model that is!). Other than socks, Paul isn't a great fan of knitwear, hats are a definite no go and the only jumper I ever knit him is to be frogged, never worn. But he rather fancied Filey, (the top that is not the model!). So in a fit of extravagance I bought the yarn, the actual Rowan Summer Tweed yarn (70%silk, 30% cotton), in the actual colour, Reef, to knit the actual top. (Lana Pura, excellent value for money and ultra quick delivery if you really want to know). The back is now complete and looking very good, even if I say so myself, but the yarn, despite the price tag is quite horrible to knit with, it's sticky on the needles and feels papery and rough, but it does actually knit up beautifully. So there's my, rather long-winded, excuse for not yet finishing the valentine's socks, maybe by next year eh?

Still on socks, I received Socks a La Carte in the post. I really like the concept of this book, featuring flip pages you can mix and match the cuff, leg and heel and toe combination. Where the book lets itself down is in the photography and the poor choice of yarn. The socks are all featured in the same yarn a dark variegated pink colourway that does nothing to show the stitch definition/patterns. The socks are all photographed flat, not on blockers or even on a real leg so again the stitch definition/pattern is totally lost. It seems a pretty basic error to me and I am disappointed, I think had I seen the book in the flesh so to speak, before buying, I would not have gone ahead and bought it. So no recommendation from me on this one I'm afraid.

Funny old weather for the time of year! It's been really mild some days, the daffodils are coming out already, and then freezing the next few days. I have been able to get out into the greenhouse though and got the tomatoes, cucumbers, rocket, radish, onions, coriander, parsley, basil and chives all going! It was so good just to be out in the garden even if I was still indoors! It may snow tonight so I made sure the propagator was on and the little heater too. I really need to get the raspberries moved before it's too late and I have found a little cranberry bush to plant which I'm quite pleased about.

Finally if any of you are readers of the Greenock Telegraph, please vote for my daughter Rhona who will be appearing in the Teen Idol competition! She (and I) would be awfully grateful.


  1. Oh love the socks, agree about the book, will try to get hold of a telegraph if not will try online..

  2. Just love that sock pattern!
    I've tagged you for a meme !



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