Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A trip doon the watter

Last Saturday a few of us went on a fabulous knitting trip on the Waverley, the world's last ocean-going paddle steamer. The forecast was for "dreich" weather so suitably dressed in jeans, long sleeved tops with waterproofs we headed down to the Custom House Quay in Greenock.

Of course the sunset the night before should have given us a clue as to the real forecast. Red sky at night etc....

Kimberly and Lewis treated us to ice creams on the quay whilst we were waiting with the sun blazing. Here's Carrie (suitably dressed!) discussing Kimberly's Kai Mei socks.

Then the Waverley appeared puffing down the Clyde from Glasgow.

Here's Val under steam (well she wasn't personally under steam but you know what I mean), look at that sky, no rain in sight there!

We soon passed by the ill fated Captayannis, a sugar boat holed and sunk in 1974, we got quite a good view of her as she lies on her side on a sandbank. We stopped at Helensburgh to pick up some more passengers and headed off to Dunoon.

In Dunoon we picked up Sandy and Ali and as we set off again, we all opened up our picnics for lunch. It was so hot by this time that we were having to strip off our outer layers and slap on the sunscreen. But we weren't complaining!

After a further stop at Rothesay to pick up more passengers we headed through the Kyles of Bute toward Tighnabruaich.

The Kyles act a bit like a wind funnel so it was a wee bit breezy but as we rounded into Tighnabruaich the wind dropped, and we were accompanied to the pier by some beautiful local boats.

It's so pretty here, if a little bit remote.

We stopped for an hour or so and walked into the village for a nice cuppa tea! Meanwhile the Waverley steamed off for an hour's mini cruise to raise funds for the pier association.

On the way back much knitting, chatting, cake eating (of which no photographic evidence I'm afraid) and general hilarity!

And here's a gratuitous engine shot for those of you interested in old steam engines!

We have decided, despite the sunburn, that it will become an annual event so all aboard for next year's trip!

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