Monday, September 15, 2008

East, west, home's best. (1859)

Our trip to the local hostelry last Thursday night was very pleasant with plenty of light, plenty of room and plenty of tea! In fact a pot large enough to wet the whistles of the whole of Gourock was produced for just one tea drinking knitter (myself!)

Thursday night, it transpires, is also quiz night, have you ever tried knitting lace whilst trying to answer questions about capital cities, and number 1 hits? I really did neither very well.

The lace cowl was frogged, and finished later in the evening. The light was not good for these pictures, but the stitch definition is lovely in the Rowan Denim.

All in all though it was a successful outing.

We are however on our way home, our lovely coffee shop has asked us to return with provisions made for us in a corner, out of the way where we won't intrude, interfere or generally lower the tone of the place.

I am rather looking forward to being "home", this is where we first met 3 years ago and we have grown not only in number but in friendship, and the comfortable surroundings of home is where it's best to be with friends.

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