Monday, September 22, 2008

Make hay while the sun shines (1546)

It was good to be "back home" at Cafe Flava last Thursday. I must admit I felt rather nervous about it, would we be confined to a dark corner under close supervision? In fact we were reserved a spot by the window near the front, on full view. The rest of the cafe was very quiet indeed so we felt quite at ease, confident we weren't taking too much space, disturbing too many people or upsetting those of a gentle disposition with our knitting antics.

Sandy and Ali were back, Sandy (sporting a lovely new curly look) had brought with her some lovely sock yarn Jawoll from Langs that she had bought after accosting a German lady who was quietly minding her own business knitting in Bremen. (She didn't abscond with her yarn, just asked where the LYS was).

I'm still ploughing on with Sparreholm, but it's tediously boring, row after row after row of twisted rib, thank goodness it's sleeveless.

I have also cast on Tropicana in my Kraemer but am really toiling with the lengthy and unusual lace repeat, I have frogged completely once and am now taking such along time over every 125 stitch row that I am beginning to feel that I may not love this after just 7 rows.

I usually meet with 3 other SnB friends on a Wednesday morning whilst the smallest member of the family is at nursery. However, a one day strike (the second!) by support staff at school, has put paid to our plans. Mhairi however, has bravely invited all of us and our various offspring round to hers for knitting, spinning and Rooibos tea. Hope it's sunny so we can flash the stash whilst the rugrats play outside!

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  1. There will be sun , there will be sun, say it often enough and it has to happen! lol Hope the Tropicana goes better - it will look fabulous in the Kraemer!


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