Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A woman's place is in the home (1844)

Or so it felt over Christmas. I didn't manage to leave the house at all until New Year's Eve. (Not quite true in fact as I did get to Mum's house a couple of times but then she is just four doors away).

So many visitors, so many meals, so much entertaining, so little just relaxing and enjoying the festivities. Christmas day was magical of course with no one undermining Maisy's belief in the big red guy. There were 12 of us unwrapping gifts and it seemed to go on for ever, no credit crunch in this household it seems. Everyone got just what they wanted and more.

My knitting related gifts included The Knitting Circle (already finished, wept almost all the way through), The Yarn Harlot calendar Never Not Knitting, (lovely daily dose of wit and wisdom), the fabulous Knits to Care and Share and the brand new Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn, 3 pairs of beautiful Rosewood needles in 3.25mm, 3.5mm and 3.75mm from The Little Knitting Company.

As we had visitors throughout the holiday I didn't manage to get my knitting out at all, not once! I think that's the longest I have gone without knitting for years. So following on from the 5 loop through garter stitch scarves for teachers (sadly not photographed before being given away) I have no fo's to show off. I feel a kind if knitting lethargy may have set in. May be related to my general lethargy post Christmas.

My New Year's Resolutions however include the following:

  1. Continue with the destashing and yarn diet
  2. Finish my outstanding wip's
  3. Spin every Tuesday night
  4. Blog more
I would love to commit to join Mhairi in her one pair a month sock resolution but fear I may fail at the very first hurdle having not even completed November's socks yet!

Wishing all my very good friends and lovely family a very happy and peaceful 2009.

Ah Ha! I remembered a FO to show. My draught excluder knit New Lanark Aran, Cherry, felted and stuffed with 5kg of rice!


  1. Glad to see you back in blogland! I think the lack of knitting may be due to exhaustion ! I'm sure you managed more than 12 pairs of socks last year - this year its my ambition! lol

  2. Now I know what to knit with the New Lanark I have left over!

    Good to see you posting again


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